Not a Shadow

Life's been pretty uninteresting of late, aside from 'Dinger keeping me company and entertained. She's growing so fast!

Just the usual of late; classes, papers to grade, books to read, making sure Shin or any of the other kids don't blow stuff up at work. Apparently Damien has a new exibit, so I think I might check it out. It'd be nice to get out and maybe see some people, since I've been staying in an awful lot.

Still having weird, shadowy dreams that I barely remember upon waking. I think I might start keeping a journal by my bedside so I can record them. I have a feeling they have something to do with the marks, loathe as I am to admit the connections. As least keeping to myself has cut down on my mark bothering me.

(((OOC: Sorry 'bout disappearing for a few months there. I went full time at my old job and the hours were complete CRAP. BUUUT new job is full of win, I have caught up on the logs and can actually think clearly enough to participate once again!)))


After stopping by Damien's shop last night, I somehow ended up in possession of a small grey kitten by the end of the night. I've decided to name her Schrödinger, after that Ursula K. LeGuin story I read junior year; I think Leo is the only person I know who might get that reference. *shrug* Ah well, it amuses me at least, and she answers to it, so that's all that matters.

That reminds me, I think I'll stop by that pet shop on the way home from work tonight, since I won't have time to do so until then anyways. I think it's the one that Leo's friend Del works at...maybe he can help me find what I need for 'Dinger without wandering aimlessly forever.

Huh, I wonder how Damien is doing with the other kitten.

Oh, and the mark on my shoulder has been burning and twinging like madly lately, especially around Damien and Leo, which is weird. Sometimes it even does it when I'm near Shin, which is crazy...I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one. I hope. Shit. Part of me wants to make notes about all of this, to track what's happening lately...but the other part just wants to hide and ignore it. I think I'll settle for taking a few notes and then trying not to think about it too much.


So that book I picked up at the library the other day? Pretty damn good, actually. I'm really quite enjoying it; very glad I decided to pick it up.

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Well, I suppose I should head to bed, since I have class early in the morning.
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Finally found some free time to stop by the library and look for that book Professor Williamson mentioned in his lecture. Of course, it was on a shelf just out of my reach, since the gods of perverse like to hate me. Thankfully, there was a fellow nice enough to snag it down for me! He seemed terribly familiar, although since he was apparently an English major as well, the chances are pretty good that we saw each other in passing while undergrads. He said his name was Leo and that he works at the Potion...I think Izzy has mentioned it once or twice while rambling on about her many adventures in bar crawling. Quite a charming man, he seemed rather willing to talk about books, which is amazing, since usually most people just get this kind of glazed over look when I start talking about literature. I hope that he decides to stop by the Blue Moon sometime soon, since I really enjoyed chatting with him. If not, I may decide to be adventuresome and go investigate the Potion.

The new apartment is looking much more homey, now that I've had a chance to decorate it, although it still seems kinda empty with just me here. I think I may stop by that pet shop I pass by on the way to the Blue Moon and see about getting a kitten. I miss having a cat, since I grew up having cats all around the house.

Oh, and I noticed that Leo had a most interesting tattoo on his wrist; I'm not sure if it was a cross, an "X" or a Roman numeral ten. I'm hoping it's not the later, since that would just be beyond surreal, considering that I have a birthmark in the shape of a Roman numeral VI, and then that Damien fellow I met has a III on his arm. I hope this isn't a sign of some bizarre conspiracy, as Izzy would have me believe.

Well, I suppose I should go work on grading those papers for my freshmen writing class, horrid as they are likely to be.
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Well, it seems that Maureen actually managed to hire someone who is not a complete fool. Shin seems like a nice enough guy, if a bit overly concerned with being a walking "natural disaster" as he puts it. Typical freshman, he'll most likely end up on one or two of my classes this term, so that should be interesting.

Oh, met a most interesting fellow at work the other day. It started out as a most trying shift, this one girl kept trying to come around the counter to hug me or something. I dunno, she was definitely a bit off, that's for sure. But anyways, this man, Damien, is apparently a scuptor, has a studio nearby. He's a bit of an enigma and certainly not a people-person.

What was most strange about this encounter was that he called me "Cloaked Schemer" and has a similar mark on his upper arm. I don't know if his is just a tattoo or if he was born with it like I was; he made a rather quick exit when it started to burn and I mentioned that I have a similar mark on my shoulder blade.

I keep having these disturbing dreams where I am someone else, and frighteningly enough, I am sometimes called "Cloaked Schemer" in them. I think I may be remembering a past life, since trying "dream interpretation" just leaves me more confused and freaked out. When Izzy comes to visit this weekend, I think I'll talk to her about it; she might have some ideas.

Ah well, I need to go stop by the bookstore and see if they have anything interesting in, since I just finished my current book. I think I'll also post one of my posters for a housemate as well.
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Tristan (01)

Yet another day of students failing to take a different perspective on literature, as well as still no word from the Board about my program. I mean honestly, I've already been working on it almost two years! I don't think it's asking too much to actually have my program approved before I finish all the credit hours necessary for my master's.

Izzy sent me a text that she's thinking of visiting this weekend, since she doesn't have any assignments or commissions that need her attention at the moment. It would be great if she does, since the only time I ever do anything is when she comes and drags me out. *sigh* I guess that's what older sisters are for, eh?

I'm finally adjusting to the new townhouse; it's weird having so much space compared to the old one-roomer, even though I'm still in the same complex. If nothing else, there's more room for when Izzy or Elaine visit, although Elaine doesn't make it out here too often, since she has to rely on mum and dad to drive her. I'm thinking of looking for a housemate to help split the costs of this place, although it is nice to have that extra bedroom to throw shit in. I'll have to think about it, maybe put up a flyer on the board at work. We certainly get enough people stopping in there that there's bound to be at least one person whom I could stand to live with.

Speaking of work, I gotta go change and head down for my shift. Woo closing shift at the coffee shop; I just hope there aren't too many weirdos out tonight.
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