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Literary Rantings

Tristan Harrison aka Zexion aka Ienzo
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Ienzo x.X.x Zexion x.X.x Tristan
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x.X.x Three Names x.X.x
Other Name: Ienzo
Organization Name: Zexion
Reincarnate's Name: Tristan Harrison
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3" (Tristan) 5'5" (Zexion, Ienzo)
Weight: Lean
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: very dark brown (looks black most of the time)
Location of the Mark: Thumbnail sized Roman numeral "VI" on the bottom of his left shoulder blade
x.X.x Three Lives x.X.x
A very bright, but terribly insecure young scientist, due to his size and youth; he doesn't want the other apprentices to view or treat him like a child. He was only 17 when asked to join Ansem's apprentices, and worked first as a research assistant (Ansem wanted him to gain some field experience) before becoming a full apprentice when he was around 21 or so. He worked in the field of psychology mostly, researching the connection between the mind and the heart. Ienzo is around 23 when he looses his heart, thereby becoming Zexion.

Zexion was the last of the original apprentices to loose his heart, and consequently had a chance to see the effect of this in the others. Due to his study of the mind as Ienzo, Zexion has gained power over illusion and the mind, and has maintained his keen sense of smell. Like Ienzo, he is still non-confrontational when given the choice, preferring to work through others rather than dirtying his own hands. Less insecure now that he actually has some power to back him up, he is much more outspoken and snarky than Ienzo ever was. Of the original six, he has remained closest to Lexaeus, whom he views as an older brother type of figure. Zexion is around 25 when he is eliminated by Repliku.

Tristan is a very reserved young man, preferring to observe those around him, rather than interacting directly with his fellows. He learned from a young age to blend into his surroundings in order to avoid being teased and bullied due to his small size and love of reading. Like his previous incarnations, Tristan is still interested in the workings of the human mind, but has shifty to the study of how literature reflects the psyche of the author, as well as the time in which it was written. When among others, Tristan tends to be almost painfully polite, especially around those he does not know; however, he does have a temper, and when pushed, he becomes very snarky, caustic and sometimes downright foul-mouthed, especially about people he views as beneath him or less intelligent. He does not suffer fools gladly.

Appearance: Due to his mixed heritage (Mum is Japanese, Dad is English) Tristan has a unique appearance. He's around 5'3" with grey, almond shaped eyes. His hair is a little past shoulder-length, and is very fine and silky in texture, and is so dark a brown that most people think it's black. Tristan's build could best be described as petite, as there is nothing frail about him, he is simply very lean and short of stature. Tristan used to wear glasses, but most of the time he wears contacts, since they're more convenient, and because he thinks he looks horribly bookish with glasses (which he does, but not in a bad way!). When not teaching, Tristan usually favors earth tones, and is often found wearing jeans or cords with a plain t-shirt with a button up over it, although when fall and winter come around, he favors sweaters.
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